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Critigen’s LemurTM technology brings the power of business-centric mapping to the apps your team utilizes to get their job done. Business-centric mapping is the linking of business data and GIS data to provide workers the information they need, when and where they need it, all on a map.

Lemur™ is the product of decades of experience in integrated IT solutions and services.

Critigen is a leading expert in GIS integration and mobility, geospatial services, and application development.  Lemur™ has packaged the learnings from our dozens of successful GIS – EAM system integrations to deliver safer, more efficient field service workflows

Lemur™ gives your teams reliable access to GIS data they need, when and where they need it.

Your field teams do not have to rely on cell or WiFi coverage; GIS data is available offline. You have location and engineering information about your distributed assets in the field, where you need it. Even if your servers or networks go down, your data is replicated and available.

Lemur™ is more than a map.

With the Lemur™ platform, you can deliver GIS and work information in the same app, on the same map, and launch workflows from a map-based interface. You can see all of your existing infrastructure on the map. The map integrates with applications you already use. Intuitive design that allows you to work from the map and even initiate tasks and workflows.

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Lemur technical support and service are included for customers with any questions and inquiries.

Experience the Benefits of Lemur™

With the Lemur™ platform, you can deliver GIS and work information in the same app, on the same map, and launch workflows from a map-based interface. This allows you to improve the accuracy and efficiency of current field work processes, as well as regulatory compliance and reporting.

With fast configuration, easy implementation, and low ownership costs, you can ensure availability of GIS information while offline or connected, and centralize GIS data distribution and cache management.

These business-centered maps are based on Esri technology, but eliminate the need for you to do any GIS programming. Just add a new Lemur™ configuration or update the values in the existing configuration to add new map layers, define how to connect business objects (like Work Orders and Notifications) to GIS features, and define which features are shown and what attributes are visible.
Lemur™ apps are ready for use in the real world. Lemur™ Geocache helps you manage the amount of GIS data sent to each device, prepares it for offline use, and limits the impact to your enterprise GIS so your GIS team just keeps working. Since Lemur™ uses real Esri GIS, there's no need to worry about incompatibilities or disconnects with your corporate GIS.

This platform seamlessly integrates with the applications you already use for day-to-day business, including asset maintenance and management apps, mobile apps, field data collection, and assessment apps. Whether you buy these apps from a vendor, or build them in-house, Lemur™ provides future-proof control, configuration, and efficiencies for geo-enabled capabilities in mobile your mobile applications.